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A short introduction ...

Van Muylder Nico is no lifelong fancier. As a former cyclist, however, the link was made.  The sports doctor advised him the pigeons as a form of relaxation after a cycling race. And so it happened, he started with a loft of only one square meter and 4 pigeons.

Pretty soon he got hooked on the sport and immersed himself in this new and magical world.

In the initial phase of his newfound passion, he devoured tons of books and magazines, so little by little his understanding and experience grew.

He started off on the short, fast flights with the result that after as little as three years he became overall champion of his local club. It soon became clear to him that he wanted to focus more on middle and long  distance races.   The typical care, learning processes and the creation of  a "good relationship" between fancier and pigeons necessary for these kind of flights gave him much more satisfaction.

Therefore it seems almost obvious that he is the one who is mostly occupied with the training programs and feeding diets. He decides which pigeons will participate in which race. He also takes care of basketting the pigeons, except on friday because it's to busy in his business on that day.

De Mul … Eric, Marc en Franky

The brothers De Mul are pigeon fanciers since 1994. The last few years they became overall champions of their club, as well on the short as on the long middle distance.  Following the demise of their brother François, in whose garden their lofts were located, they went looking for a new partner.  A partner in whom they could trust and with whom their passion for pigeons could further develop.

This meant the birth of the new partnerschip Van Muylder – De Mul in 2010. And not without success!

Eric is the one who takes on the most part of all daily care Marc helps out where needed. Franky takes care of the pigeon clocks on arrival and does the basketting on Friday.

So, now you got a basic idea of who we are. Welcome again and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

Nico, Eric, Marc en Franky



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